Revelação was the first mala voadora project whose team included non-professional performers, in partnership with Artemrede. Successively, the show was made with people from Estarreja, Sever do Vouga, Palmela, Barreiro, Montijo, Sobral de Monte Agraço, Abrantes, Alcanena and Marvila.

Revelação comes from Dostoevsky’s novel Demons, published in 1872. A group of people in a small town meet discreetly to discuss the new political ideology that is shaking Russia. There is talk of revolution. Some become radicals. The group is bound together by a common desire for a new social model, but their actions gradually degenerate. In the show, the characters played by non-professionals are placed in an assembly and those played by professional actors take centre stage – a situation that is also the target of a (stage) revolution.

Revelação is a show about a COMMUNITY, about what is COMMON, and evokes the cultural context in which COMMUNISM emerged.

direction Jorge Andrade from Fiódor Dostoiévski, Sergey Nechayev and a narrative by Angela Railean with Anabela Almeida, Angela Railean, Bernardo de Almeida, Cláudia Gaiolas, Miguel Fragata and twelve people from the place where the show is being presented set design José Capela, with execution by Nuno Palmeiro light João d’Almeida stage phography José Carlos Duarte production Manuel Poças coproduction ArtemRede support LARGO residências, Espaço SOU and Taberna das Almas


June 9, 2012 ‧ Cineteatro São Pedro (Alcanena)

September 21, 2012 ‧ Cineteatro S. Pedro (Abrantes)

October 6, 2012 ‧ Cineteatro do Sobral de Monte Agraço

November 30, 2012 ‧ Cineteatro Joaquim d'Almeida (Montijo)

December 13 to 16, 2012 ‧ São Luiz Teatro Municipal (Lisboa - Festival Temps d'Images)

May 4, 2013 ‧ Auditório Municipal Augusto Cabrita (Barreiro)

May 10, 2013 ‧ Cineteatro S. João de Palmela

February 1, 2014 ‧ Centro de Artes e Espectáculo de Sever do Vouga

February 15, 2014 ‧ Cineteatro de Estarreja