Pirandello is a free adaptation of The Late Mattia Pascal, a book written by Pirandello in 1904. It’s a delirium about the possibility of reinventing ourselves – of having an unstable identity. On a trip to temporarily get away from his unhappy life, Mattia Pascal wins a small fortune in a casino and, when he returns rich, he comes across his own funeral. He sees it as an opportunity to start a new life, somewhere else, without a past other than the one he himself will invent. His new life forces him to lie constantly, showing that he has entered into a fiction, that he has made his life into a kind of theatre. As the narrative moves away from verisimilitude, the scenario becomes progressively three-dimensional. Pirandello is an experiment in meta-theatricality around a non-dramatic text by the most meta-theatrical playwright of the 20th century. The fictional abyss that characterises the novel is overlaid with a meta-theatricality that is not the one Pirandello uses in his own dramatic texts, but another, invented from the non-dramatic narrative.

direction Jorge Andrade, with assistance from David Cabecinha from The Late Mattia Pascal, by Luigi Pirandello with Anabela Almeida, Custódia Gallego, David Cabecinha, David Pereira Bastos, Jorge Andrade, Marco Paiva, Maria Ana Filipe, Mónica Garnel, Tânia Alves and Joana Costa Santos set design José Capela, with image editing by António MV and José Carlos Duarte costumes José Capela light João d’Almeida soundtrack Rui Lima and Sérgio Martins, with the participation from students of Escola de Música do Conservatório Nacional promotional image António MV, with photograps of José Carlos Duarte production Joana Costa Santos production assistance and communication Jonathan da Costa management and programming consultancy Vânia Rodrigues coproduction Teatro Nacional D. Maria II support Apametal, Escola de Música do Conservatório Nacional, Sociedade Filarmónica Comércio e Indústria da Amadora, Teatro Nacional São João


March 12 to April 4, 2015 ‧ Teatro Nacional D. Maria II (Lisbon)

June 3 and 4, 2016 ‧ Teatro Municipal do Porto - Rivoli