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From the information compiled in the book The 101 most influential people that never lived (by Allan Lazar, Dan Karlan and Jeremy Salter), real/show is situated between the fictions that involve the most popular characters and the phenomena associated to their success: the values they disseminate, the influence they practice, the producted they sell or the bad effects they cause. The show has a format similar to a documentary, in which all shown characters (from Dracula to Cinderela, from Zorro to Bambi) have the face of the documentary maker. Directed and presented at a residence at Citemor, real/show served as the basis for the design of o duplo.

Ficha Técnica

direcção e interpretação Jorge Andrade . texto Anabela Almeida, Bruno Huca e Jorge Andrade . a partir de excertos de The 101 most influential people that never lived de Allan Lazar, Dan Karlan e Jeremy Salter, traduzidos por Manuela Vaz . cenografia José Capela . música Rui Lima e Sérgio Martins . vídeo Hugo Barbosa . produção Magda Bull . co-produção Citemor