Universos paralelos is a science fiction show in which the possibility is raised that the world we live in is an experiment carried out in another reality.
Three security guards at a company see what’s going on in the building through surveillance cameras. The head of security mysteriously disappears: first from the company, then from everyone’s memory and, finally, from the images captured by the surveillance cameras themselves. All this is happening in a company that produces worlds similar to ours in order to carry out experiments that will allow our world to stop needing surveillance in the near future (like Daniel F. Galouye’s Simulacron-3). The show is based on the coordination between the action on stage and the video (the images from the surveillance cameras) from which the actors enter and exit.

text and direction Jorge Andrade collaboration Bernardo Vaz de Castro video Jorge Jácome e Marta Simões with (on stage) David Pereira Bastos, Filipa Correia, Marco Paiva, Marta Correia and (on video) Álvaro Correia, Ana Valentim, António Pedrosa, Joana Costa Santos, João Vicente, Jorge Andrade, Manuel Moreira, Maria Ana Filipe, Maria João Falcão, Mário Coelho, Marta Simões, Mónica Garnel, Pedro Caeiro, Tânia Alves e Vítor d’Andrade, among others support Elisabete Paiva set design and costumes José Capela promotional image António MV and Marta Ramos stage photography José Carlos Duarte technical direction and light Pedro Lima production direction Joana Costa Santos executive production Bruno Coelho production assistance and communication Jonathan da Costa management and programming consultancy Vânia Rodrigues coproduction Teatro Municipal do Porto, Teatro Nacional D. Maria II e Materiais Diversos support Arco & Bésta, Centro Interpretativo das Memórias da Misericórdia de Braga, Clece, Clínica São Cristóvão, Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian, Fundação para a Computação Científica Nacional, Intermarche Famalicão, LNEC, Purex, Sheraton Hotel Lisboa & SPA, Spartacus Academy, Teatro Nacional São João, Teatro Praga


February 19 to 21, 2016 ‧ Teatro Municipal do Porto - Campo Alegre

February 26 to March 6, 2016 ‧ Teatro Nacional D. Maria II (Lisbon)

March 11 and 12, 2016 ‧ Teatro Virgínia (Torres Novas)