Jorge Andrade predicts his future. He begins by talking about the moment when the show the audience is watching ends, in about an hour. Then he proceeds: exiting the room, meeting the audience, the walk around town, a possible visit to a bar, returning back home… he imagines the relevant events that he – and those close to him – will go through until the day he dies. He sees his children growing up. He will perhaps have grandchildren. He will continue to perform, to go out on vacation, to participate in celebrations. He sees his family disappearing more or less according to their age, his body ages, he suffers irrecoverable heartaches; the future will certainly hold that too. Finally, he will have to think of a death for himself.

Based on a script by Deborah Pearson, the monologue is rewritten by Jorge Andrade for each new performance, considering each different place and each different day.

text and interpretation Jorge Andrade based on the script The Future Show by Deborah Pearson stage photography José Caldeira production direction Pedro Jordão executive production Andreia Bento writing residency Festival Novos Bardos (Guarda International Dramaturgy Center)


July 10, 2021 ‧ Escola do Largo (Institutional Partner: Portuguese Republic - Ministry of Culture. Program Garantir Cultura)

August 5 and 6, 2021 ‧ Hošek Contemporary (Berlin, Germany)

November 19 and 20, 2021 ‧ mala voadora (Porto)

December 14, 2021 ‧ Guarda Municipal Theater