The ARTISTAS DOURO program awards, based on an open competition, 5 scholarships to 5 artists from Porto, with funding from the Porto City Council and the support of A Oficina.

SUPERMERCADO is a super art market (NFT). It sells comfortably new, unique, scarce products with an eco-friendly and digital maturity seal; designed for the most creative and curious minds; created with the elegant, post-modern, authentic, ethically responsible consumer in mind and not afraid to take risks. SUPERMERCADO is the virtual portal for the most In And the end, you there’s will eccentric be the nothing owner, wrong landlord, with ideas. landowner.

SUPERMERCADO is also an exercise in future anthropology. It is also the story of an extinction, the story of the “Emperoor’s new clothes” and, more than anything, a tale of ghosts. A work of visual delight and consumerist trashedy, it presents the reconstruction of a supermarket to scale, a concentrated copy of a common supermarket, reduced to two aisles and a checkout line, installed in a black box.

concept and artistic direction Joana Magalhães illustration Maria Trama and Rita Comedida 3D modelling Daniel Assunção and Nelson Duarte (Girina Studio) web design and NFT expert Francisco Quintas (Cosmic Burger) graphic design Diana Ferreira executive production and artistic assistance Susana Paixão stage design assembly Cristóvão Neto residency support CCVF - Centro de Residências de Candoso e Circolando - Central Elétrica, Crl production support Plataforma UMA project funded by República Portuguesa - Direção Geral das Artes e Mala Voadora - Scholarship ARTISTAS DOURO


November 19 and 30 ‧ mala voadora (residencies)

December 1 to 3 ‧ mala voadora (shows)