Digital training has been considered a fundamental development factor, particularly with regard to insertion into the job market and the ability to communicate in collective and public contexts. Mala voadora proposes to act in this context, creating a training program that considers the specificity of the performing arts and establishes a direct relationship with the activity carried out in its building on Rua do Almada, in Porto. The recipients of the PIX program are students and young professionals from the local community in the area of performing arts, for whom structured workshops are held based on the know-how specific, either from mala voadora or from a group of invited trainers.

with a tundra, Filipe da Silva, Vaggelis Gettos, Tiago Ralha, João Fonte and José Capela production Joana Mesquita Alves, Inês Soares Lopes and Sofia Freitas funded by Câmara Municipal do Porto


October 23 to 28 ‧ mala voadora