Tim Etchells wrote the text for Companhia Maior and Jorge Andrade was invited to direct it. The show is a long list of superlative things, such as those mentioned in the title, or others: the smallest thing in the world, the biggest, the best way to die, the most dangerous idea, the hardest thing to measure, or to make disappear, the hardest song to sing at a karaoke, the hardest yoga position, the best way to cut with the past, the best lovers, the most violent video on YouTube, the best way to ruin a story, the most useful superpower, the best way to survive an Apocalypse or a divorce, the household object that can most easily be turned into a weapon and, finally, the best way to end a theatre event. Banal things in which our feelings are projected in their unavoidable banality. But in order to say these things to the audience, the staging puts the actors through their paces on a gala evening. A party, despite all the horrible things that are also listed.

text Tim Etchells translation Fernando Villas-Boas direction Jorge Andrade, with assistance from David Cabecinha with António Pedrosa, Celeste Melo, Cristina Gonçalves, Diana Coelho, Helena Marchand, Isabel Millet, Jorge Falé, Jorge Leal Cardoso, Kimberley Ribeiro, Manuela de Sousa Rama and Paula Bárcia set design José Capela with photography by Bruno Simão and image editing by António MV costumes José Capela light Daniel Worm d'Assumpção soundtrack Rui Lima and Sérgio Martins promotional image Amaya Gonzalez Reyes: Idea Brillante (2009) stage photography Bruno Simão video recording and promotional video Jorge Jácome executive production Luís Moreira, com o apoio de Manuel Poças and Joana Costa Santos coproduction Centro Cultural de Belém, Companhia Maior, mala voadora


October 24 to 27, 2014 ‧ Centro Cultural de Belém (Lisbon)