MON€Y is the result of a collaboration between mala voadora and artist Deborah Pearson. The audience watches the recording of two episodes of a sitcom. Just like television studio audiences, the play’s audience hears recorded laughter that passes as their own, and is entertained by an actor of dubious quality during recording breaks. The first episode is canonical: it follows all the prescriptions of sitcom writing manuals and, naturally, ends with a revelation that creates a suspension as to what will happen next, in the following episode. The second episode also starts well, but when one character talks about money, the others don’t seem to know is talking about and this creates discomfort. The script’s author is interested in unraveling the studios’ financial procedures. For her, the narratives of sitcoms are like Plato’s cave: we only see shadows of a world – the world of money – that is external to them. This is what she explains to the team in a video call: she watched a documentary, smoked some weed and wants to be a revolutionary. The set falls apart, just as the narrative falls apart, but the bad actor, the studio host, turns on the light sign that reads “The show must go on”.

directed by Jorge Andrade with the assistance of Maria Jorge text by Deborah Pearson translation Marco Mendoça featuring Jorge Andrade, Manuel Moreira, Marco Mendonça, Maria Jorge e Tânia Alves stage and costume design José Capela technical installation Américo Castanheira light design Rui Monteiro soundtrack Sérgio Delgado sound operator João Pedro Fonte stage manager and walk-on João Vaz Cunha


October 2 to 6, 2019 ‧ mala voadora (Porto)

October 17 to November 3, 2019 ‧ D. Maria II Theater (Lisbon)