The ARTISTAS DOURO program awards, based on an open competition, 5 scholarships to 5 artists from Porto, with funding from the Porto City Council and the support of A Oficina.

Jaçi Los Angeles is a decadent singer of cheesy music. Addicted to nightlife, she has a complicated relationship with bohemia. And on one of her nights her past comes back to haunt her. Sensationalism, desire and whoremongering are the key words of this melodrama that will be the maximum volume of your heart.

creation Fernanda Cortes Antunes co-creation and interpretation Fernanda Cortes Antunes, Era Rolim, Ronaldo Rosas, Çal Pfungst, Reina Del Mar, Andy James, Ines Tartaruga-Agua e Selene Fal direction assistance Era Rolim stage design Andy James light design Fernanda Cortes Antunes e Ronaldo Rosas costume design Çal Pfungst sound design Reina del Mar production assistance Ronaldo Rosas movement assistance Antonio Onio graphic design João Parente project financed by Mala Voadora - ARTISTAS DOURO Scholarship


July 10th to 18th. September 11th to 16th ‧ mala voadora (residencies)

September 14th to 16th ‧ mala voadora (performances)