Ironising with the famous “artists’ ego” and questioning the processes of constructing history, Jorge Andrade puts together an exhibition in which he focuses the entire history of the theatre company on himself: (1) he mainly chooses photographs that portray him; (2) he chooses photographs in which he doesn’t identify who is portrayed, exploring the possibility of believing that it is him; (3) he cuts out other people’s faces with black spots; and (4) he adds his own personal photographs, passing them off as being from the company’s shows. On the document about the story of mala voadora, all names have been cut out apart from his own. At the door, sitting at a table, is a security guard wearing the theatre’s uniform: Jorge Andrade himself.

concept Jorge Andrade assembling António MV, José Capela e José Carlos Duarte coproduction Teatro Municipal do Porto Rivoli / Campo Alegre


January 20, 2018 ‧ Teatro Municipal do Porto - Rivoli