Hamlet of mala voadora is a piece of machinery, staged by Hamlet himself. The play is full of theatre: there’s the theatre company included in the narrative, a play falsely quoted within the play, a father who plays his own daughter who plays herself for her father, a group of characters who cleverly stage situations and play roles for each other. We started from the version of Hamlet that has come down to our time with the epithet Bad Room, which Alec Guinness considered ‘Hamlet with a brake problem’. It seemed to us to be particularly suited to the play. Hamlet is a director inside the show, with a notebook in his hand, as if the play Hamlet were just a fictional whim of the character Hamlet. The set, with a proscenium arch repeated in mise en abyme, appears in the show as the ghost of King Hamlet and becomes a machine for exacerbating theatre, integrating the choreographic play of the actors, the furniture and the fast-paced action of the show.

direction Jorge Andrade, with assistance from David Cabecinha translation and dramaturgical support Fernado Villas-Boas set design José Capela, with photography by José Carlos Duarte costumes José Capela light Daniel Worm D'Assumpção soundtrack Rui Lima and Sérgio Martins with Anabela Almeida, Carla Bolito, Carlos António, David Cabecinha, David Pereira Bastos, João Vicente, João Villas-Boas, Jorge Andrade, Manuel Moreira and Marco Paiva choreography support Marco da Silva Ferreira promotional image Isaque Pinheiro (fotografia de Silvana Torrinha) promotional video Jorge Jácome and Marta Simões stage photography José Carlos Duarte production Manuel Poças and Joana Costa Santos management and programming consultancy Vânia Rodrigues coproduction São Luiz Teatro Municipal residency O Espaço do Tempo support Depósito da Marinha Grande, Martins Alves Decorações, Servilusa, Sporesgrime, Teatro Nacional Dona Maria II, Teatro Nacional de São Carlos, Teatro Nacional São João


March 27 to 30, 2014 ‧ São Luiz Teatro Municipal (Lisbon)

June 3, 2015 ‧ Teatro Curvo Semedo (Montemor-o-Novo)

June 12 and 13, 2015 ‧ Théâtre de la Cité Internationale (Paris, France)

June 20, 2015 ‧ Teatro Municipal do Porto - Rivoli

October 27 to November 1, 2015 ‧ São Luiz Teatro Municipal (Lisbon)

November 5 to 6, 2015 ‧ Theatro Circo (Braga)