There are punchlines scattered around social media – those places for quick consumptions –, messages such as “Inside every older person is a younger person wondering what the hell happened.” (a statement by the beautiful Gospel singer Cora Harvey Armstrong), or “I’m not getting old, I’m just becoming a classic.” (It’s not the case, but it’s something Oscar Wilde could have said).

Yes, mala voadora is 20 years old. We feel that our work remains fresher than our bodies, in a sort of reverse Dorian Gray effect. We do not seek the kind of respectability awarded by “life experience”, as if it had worth in itself (as Wilde said: “Experience is simply the name we give our mistakes.”). We do not wish to be the subject of anthologies or complete works. We don’t want to use the anniversary as an opportunity to take ourselves seriously (even “young artists” who take themselves too seriously are old, as well as boring). But we want to have a party. Come toast with us! Come and step kilometers of dance floor! It will take place at mala voadora, in Porto, on December 16, starting at 10pm.

mala voadora technical direction João Fonte production Joana Mesquita Alves, Inês Soares Lopes and Sofia Freitas music BANDIDO$ and Paulo Cunha Martins video Canal180 bar Shake & Stir