This is a show about the end of the world. 100 humans are all that remains of our species. 99 of them are already hibernating inside a ship. Only 1 left. On the ship, which will leave in search of a new planet to be colonized, there is a record of the memories of its 100 crew members. A record of everything they want to remember when they wake up thousands of years from now in an unknown place. It was an arduous and painstaking task, and now we are just waiting for the hundredth to complete its recording so that the journey can begin. He listens to his memories repeatedly. He deletes them, records them again, listens again and deletes them yet again. And he begins to hear the memories of the others. Now that they sleep, the history of all humanity is in his hands. Pressing a key is all that is needed to delete that which he doesn’t like or write history as he’d preferred had happened. He can also simply delete everything. Everything not saved will be lost.

The show is based on the interaction between the character, the voice of the computer that holds the recordings, the statements of the other crew members that happen to be heard, and a video projection. The actor on stage is David Pereira Bastos, who has been collaborating in several mala voadora shows.

directed by Jorge Andrade with the assistance of Maria Jorge text by Kieran Hurley translation Marco Mendonça music and sound design João Ferro Martins video António MV featuring David Pereira Bastos and the voices of Ali Gohar, Eduardo Molina, Isabél Zuaa, Keith Harle, Kino Sousa, Marco Mendonça, Miguel Damião, Penelope Triantafyllou e Zohar Yanko stage and costume design José Capela light design João Fonte and Jorge Andrade stage photography José Caldeira production direction Pedro Jordão executive production Andreia Bento production and communication assistant Mariana Dixe technical direction João Fonte co-production TNSJ co-production residency O Espaço do Tempo support Câmara Municipal do Porto / Criatório


September 25 to 27, 2020 ‧ mala voadora (Porto)

September 16 to 26, 2021 ‧ Escola do Largo (Lisbon)