On the eve of the fiftieth anniversary of the April 1974Revolution, often considered an epilogue in the history of political revolutions, what has become of the idea of revolution and what look do we take today on its political, social and cultural history? These questions are the starting point for reflections and discussions at a Meeting that brings together experts and scholars from various disciplines and different latitudes. The revolutionary idea and experience, fueled by a tension which was then called “progress”, configured and legitimized the discourse of modernity, caused ruptures and violent interruptions in the social and political order, determined new representations of history to which new temporality regimes correspond. Our time is marked by revolts and no longer by revolutions: the imaginary of revolution and the conditions for its possibility seem to have reached their end and generally inspire a critical perspective. The word “revolution”, a metaphor that had almost crystallized from a political and social standpoint, has now found itself returned to eminently metaphorical figurations, such as “technological revolution”, “digital revolution” or “ecological revolution”.

with m António Guerreiro, Dario Gentili, João Pedro Cachopo, José Gil, José Neves, Kitty Furtado, Marta Lança, Sinziana Ravini, Reginaldo da Silva curated by António Guerreiro artistic direction by mala voadora Jorge Andrade e José Capela technical direction João Fonte technical support Luís Rabaçal production direction Joana Mesquita Alves produced by Sofia Freitas and Inês Lopes

Mala voadora is a structure funded by the Government of Portugal – Ministry of Culture / Directorate- General for the Arts


November 11 and 12 ‧ mala voadora