Based on an open competition, the ARTISTAS DOURO program award 5 scholarships to 5 artists from Porto, with funding from the Porto City Council and the support of A Oficina.

Every time an actor auditions they have to write a motivation letter. For each job opportunity, a new document that demonstrates your level of enthusiasm and interest in that project.

In each new letter we put a little of ourselves into a project for which we don’t know if we will be chosen. When I am excluded, I save another seed in the “applications” folder, another one that will never see the light of day.

In this collective hallucination in which we exist, where working-to-live means living-to- work, we are freely submissive to our own constant optimization, self-exploring ourselves in search of the pre-possibility of a job.

The proposal we present here is to create an artistic object based on these ideas that were rejected and discarded. A show born from the power of broken motivations.

creation, text and interpretation João Delgado Lourenço dramaturgy João Delgado Lourenço and Rossana Ribeiro stage design assistance Luísa Maria stage design and props Rossana Ribeiro original music and sound design Catarina Estácio video and photography José Pedro Lopes and Rossana Ribeiro production support BALA - Dramaturgical Center supports CRL – Central Eléctrica, Instável – Choreographic Center, TUP project financed by Mala Voadora - Scholarship ARTISTAS DOURO


March 25th to April 2nd. October 17th to 22nd ‧ mala voadora (residencies)

October 20th to 22nd ‧ mala voadora (presentations)