The second show in the series of duets “blood stories”. This meeting between Portugal and Lithuania stemmed from a blind date: it was SIRENOS – Vilnius International Theatre Festival which, already aware of mala voadora’s work, chose the artist with whom Jorge Andrade compared his genetic information and family tree. The artist chosen for the meeting was an experimental musician and composer: Jonas Jurkūnas. Blood Stories Lithuania is a sonic drift through a plethora of contacts with some of the artists’ relatives spread around the world. Populations also drift: travels, migration, trade routes, exiles, deportations… Our DNA is diluted throughout the world’s History. The characters speak in different languages, with different accents, explore their words from a sonic outlook, manipulate the sound of words and create an intercultural phonetic mix.

by and featuring Jonas Jurkūnas and Jorge Andrade light design João Fonte and Jorge Andrade audio editing João Fonte, with support from Bernardo Bento production team Joana Mesquita Alves, Sofia Freitas and Inês Soares Lopes support GrooveOn


October 8, 2023 ‧ Sirenos Festival (Vilnus, Lithuania)