If ‘Western History’ tells us that, in the Renaissance, classical culture served as a reference for entering a period of anthropocentrism, classical mythology, in turn, is also an area of miscegenation between the human and the non-human. ‘Forms changed into new bodies’. That’s what Ovid’s Metamorphoses are: around 250 narratives about the transmutations of human and superhuman beings – gods, nymphs, satyrs, monsters – into other beings, and also ‘into stones, fountains, rivers, stars and many other things’, to tell the Story of the World. mala voadora took Ovid’s Metamorphoses as a reference to recreate the History of the World through a set of painted bodies – figures of a simultaneously human and abstract nature, simultaneously present and fictional, recognisable and transcendent. An ode to the instability of forms.

Conceived to commemorate the 15th anniversary of mala voadora, this performance included many of the people who have collaborated with the company: actors and actresses, but also professionals in the fields of production, light design, photography, image editing, etc.

concept and direction Jorge Andrade, with assistance from Maria Jorge soundtrack Rui Lima and Sérgio Martins stage photography José Carlos Duarte coproduction Câmara Municipal do Porto / Forum of the Future


November 9, 2018 ‧ mala voadora (Porto - performance included in Forum of the Future)

June 10, 2019 ‧ Studio Hrdinů (Prague, Czech Republic - performance in Prague Quadrienal)

July 23, 2021 ‧ Hosek Contemporary (Berlin, Germany)