The ARTISTAS DOURO program awards, based on an open competition, 5 scholarships to 5 artists from Porto, with funding from the Porto City Council and the support of A Oficina.

This short lecture-performance by Hilda de Paulo starts from the notion of language as a criterion of control, questioning some exclusionary and subaltern ways of being in society that are considered naturalised and standardised in our daily lives. In “some notes on belonging”, the artist also exposes the crises and tensions that run through her writing, bringing to light the centrality of the body as part of the reality of the spaces that are negotiated between constructed and imagined worlds.

concept, text, costumes Hilda de Paulo stage management and set design Tales Frey support ArtWorks

mala voadora is a structure funded by the Government of Portugal – Ministry of Culture / Directorate-General for the Arts.


March 8 to 10 ‧ mala voadora