88 coisos de um minuto exposes, through its dramaturgical proposal, the ways of producing meaning and the discursive genres that emerge on current digital platforms.

The work aims to map the new sensibilities of the digital society. This cartography is a way of manifesting the way in which digital sensibilities – here presented through polyphony – they present themselves as new discursive genres (brief texts, without dramatic unity, cut). It is mapped by the need to explore the way in which new affects emerge through electronic devices, which have become a daily presence in the lives of each viewer.

88 coisos de um minuto, exposes images of violence to denounce the naturalized violence to which we are subjected in the life of contemporary society.

playwright and director Rubén Sabbadini performers Sofia Dinger, Inês Vaz production direction and translation Marta Moreira scenography design Sofia Pereira costume design Alejandro Schiappacasse production Irreal (Lisboa, Portugal) e Vera Vera Teatro (Buenos Aires, Argentina) supports Iberescena Fondo de ayudas para las Artes escénicas Iberoamericanas, Festival TRIP Viseu, The Auer Company


May 23 ‧ mala voadora (Porto)